Eight Brocades and the Longevity Teachings of Li Qingyun

li qingyun qigong Mar 20, 2023

Taoists believe that we suffer the effects of old age because we don’t incorporate the laws of nature. If we want to feel good, we need to nourish the nature within us.

When it comes to working with the body, Taoism is all about going back—re-storing, re-generating, re-vitalizing. Taoism teaches us to recreate sensations and conditions of our youth so that we experience this kind of recall psychologically and physiologically—including how we breathe, move, and produce saliva.

Eight Brocades Seated Qigong is one practice Taoists used to recall these past states, as the exercises imitate the movements of an infant in the mother’s womb. Taoist sages used their deep intuition and insight into nature to develop these simple yet advanced practices to go backward in the aging process, toward the time when our bodies had their fullest powers to regenerate themselves to health. By recreating those movements, we are helping the body remember, bring up, and utilize those youthful ways of operating internally once again.

Through this process of recalling youthfulness, we develop our Three Treasures of Jing (bodily essences), Qi (vital energy), and Shen (spirit), and help them flow throughout our bodies. In Traditional Chinese Medicine and in Taoism, when any of these three energies are weak or lack flow, these are the conditions out of which all ailments arise. However, if strong Jing, Qi, and Shen flow well throughout the body, we have good health.

Eight Brocades is a central, powerful set of Taoist exercises that date way back in the history of Taoism. It’s used both for health rejuvenation and Internal Alchemy (Internal Alchemy is a path to awaken to your Original Spirit).

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