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Taoist philosophy and practices to support you on your spiritual path 

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The purpose of our membership is to make authentic Taoist teachings accessible to more people in the world 

Our membership offers teachings on these five topics:

Nourishing Life

Taoist practices and lifestyle support you to feel good, enjoy life, and have energy for the things you love. 

Taoist Meditation

Taoist meditation helps your mind begins to settle. You come to rest in a deep sense of awareness that is calm and quiet.

Taoist Philosophy

Taoist philosophy offers a natural, harmonious way of living that builds your energy rather than depletes it.

Internal Alchemy

Taoists awaken to their Spirit through a process called Internal Alchemy. Internal Alchemy begins with the process of restoring your vitality. Then you use the energies of the body to awaken the Spirit. 


The I Ching

The I Ching is one of the earliest books of spiritual wisdom. It has a way of calculating and predicting the unfolding of phenomenon. So you can study it as the basis of Chinese Astrology, Feng Shui, and more. 

Taoists focus on these areas of study and practice in order to:

Live a long time in good health—living with clarity, tranquility, wisdom, and compassion.

This gives you more time to cultivate spiritually so that you can awaken to your Spirit. 

When you live from your awakened spirit, you live in harmony with yourself, others, and the earth.

Join a community of people like you—who are nourishing their bodies and spirits for the sake of leaving the world in better condition than when they arrived. 

Join the Sanctuary of Tao Membership!

Become a Member!

As a thank you for becoming a member and supporting the mission of the Sanctuary of Tao, when you sign up for a membership you’ll receive:

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Join the Sanctuary of Tao Membership!

Become a Member!