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As a non-profit organization, the Sanctuary of Tao relies on the support of our community to make it possible for us to continue making Taoism more accessible in the world. We strive to add value to your life through our membership, online programs, and educational resources.

As a thank you for becoming a member and supporting our mission at the Sanctuary of Tao, we are giving you a FREE Chinese zodiac mug (in the sign of your choice), and a downloadable PDF of our 2023 Taoist Lunar Calendar.

Taoist Philosophy

The core curriculum of the membership, offering live Zoom talks by Stuart Alve Olson on The Tao of Everyday Living (twice a month), Hun and Bo Seminars, and his completed Tao Te Ching chapter commentaries (80+ lectures).

Nourishing Life Practices

Featuring Chen Tuan’s Four Season Qigong & 24 Dao Yin Seated Exercise (updated every 15 days, or new lunar period), newly filmed instructions for the Before Heaven 16-Posture Taijiquan Form, Eight Brocades Seated Qigong, and more.

Taoist Meditation

Teachings on Taoist meditation including Taoist ceremony, offering incense, chanting and bowing, translations of important Taoist texts, and contemplation meditations of the Tao Te Ching by Lao Zi.

Internal Alchemy

This section contains Stuart’s chapter-by-chapter talks on the Yellow Court Scripture (70+ lectures) from the standpoint of a practitioner of Taoist Internal Alchemy. You’ll also find talks on three other great books on Taoism: 1) Taoist Yoga by Lu Kuan Yu, 2) Secret of the Golden Flower, and 3) Taoism: The Road to Immortality by John Blofeld. This section also presents translations and explanation of important Taoist illustrations and symbology.

I Ching

This sections will expand on Stuart’s lectures and translations that relate to the I Ching (Book of Changes) or Book of Sun and Moon, as he translates it. Featuring an old talk he gave on the 64 Stages of Cultivation According to the I Ching, this section of the membership will be expanded upon with the I Ching’s connection to Taoist astrology, Internal Alchemy, and Nourishing Life practices.

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