The Sanctuary of Tao Membership 

Supporting you to discover health, well-being, clarity, tranquility, and spiritual awakening

We do this by offering:

Nourishing Life Practices

Taoist practices help you calm the mind and revitalize the body

Taoist Meditation

Taoist Meditation helps you cultivate inner contentment and stability

Taoist Philosophy

Taoist philosophy guides you to awaken to your True Nature

These teachings have been passed down from Taoist teachers to students through the centuries.


Much of what you'll find in the membership comes from renowned Taijiquan Master T.T. Liang.

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Guiding Teacher of the Sanctuary of Tao, Stuart Alve Olson lived with, learned from, and taught with from Master Liang for many years. 



What Stuart learned with Master Liang helped him on his path of developing clarity and tranquility, deep wisdom and insight, healing and awakening, and mastery of Taijiquan.

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Through the Sanctuary of Tao Membership, Stuart is sharing these rare teachings that he learned from Master Liang and has spent his lifetime cultivating.

These teachings on Taoist Philosophy, Taoist Nourishing Life Practices, and Taoist Meditation help you...


Live a long time in good health— with clarity, tranquility, wisdom, and compassion.


This gives you more time to cultivate, gain wisdom and compassion, and awaken to your Spirit. 

With an awakened Spirit, you live in harmony with yourself, others, and the earth. 

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Join a community of people like you—who are nourishing their bodies and spirits for the sake of leaving the world in better condition than when they arrived. 

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What's included in the Sanctuary of Tao Membership:

  • An online library of Taoist Philosophy resources
  • Online DIY courses on practices like a standing Qigong form, a 16 posture Taiji (Tai Chi) form, and Eight Brocades
  • Online Taoist meditation resources 
  • Two live talks on Taoist Philosophy given by Stuart Alve Olson on Zoom each month, with Q&A

Extras included in your Membership:

  • One live I Ching class online per month 
  • Quarterly Seasonal One-Day Online Retreats


As a thank you for becoming a member and supporting the mission of the Sanctuary of Tao, when you sign up for a membership you’ll receive:

  •  A FREE Chinese zodiac mug (in the sign of your choice)
  • And a downloadable PDF of our 2023 Taoist Lunar Calendar


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We look forward to supporting you on your path!

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