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We’re a non-profit educational organization offering Taoist teachings through our online membership, programs, and retreats 

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The mission of the Sanctuary of Tao is to teach Taoist philosophy and practices for the well-being of your body and mind, and the awakening of your Spirit

We realize that in this world of stress, distractions, and obligations, it can be hard to maintain a consistent focus on your health and spiritual path. 

So our second mission is to make it easier for you to fully benefit from what you learn here. Our goal is to support you to naturally integrate Taoist ways of thinking and living into your life.

We do this by offering:

  • A Path for Cultivating Health and Spirituality.
  • Taoist Practices Integrated with Taoist Philosophy.
  • Practical, Clear, Relatable Taoist Teachings.
  • Flexible Online Learning for Your Unique Path.

Good Teachings

Good teachings inspire you to find your personal Tao and show you the way to awaken your true self.

A Good Teacher

A good teacher encourages you to keep seeking the Tao inside yourself, and to follow your unique way.

A Good Community

A good community can support you to keep going on your spiritual path through life’s ups and downs.

The Sanctuary of Tao provides these resources for people who want to find peace in the Tao while living their everyday lives in the modern world.

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We provide:




Stuart Alve Olson

Guiding Teacher at the Sanctuary of Tao

For over thirty years, people have traveled from around the world to study with author and translator Stuart Alve Olson.


Stuart learned from many notable teachers of Eastern spirituality, including living with the Tai Chi Master, T.T. Liang.
Master Liang taught Stuart Taoist philosophy as well as Taoist practices for nourishing life, like Tai Chi, Qigong, and Internal Alchemy.

Stuart created the Sanctuary of Tao to pass on the Taoist teachings he’s spent his lifetime learning and cultivating.


He wants to do for you what Master Liang did for him—teaching you Taoist ways to nourish your body, mind, and spirit.

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How does Taoism help you nourish your body, mind, and spirit?


Taoist practices and Taoist meditation are ways of replenishing your Three Treasures. Your Three Treasures are the three types of internal energies that give you life. They are:







When your internal energies are replenished, you experience vibrant health, balanced energy, and a clear and calm mind.  

How do Taoist practices and meditation replenish your internal energies?

Jing (Essence)

In our society, we learn about exercising our bodies at the gym, but we don’t learn that we also need to take care of the internal health of our our body with internal exercises. The practices we teach are like a gentle massage for your organs. They also help stimulate the production of healthy fluids, such as blood, that are essential for your health and longevity. These are ways of developing Jing.

Qi (Life-Force Energy)

When we’re stressed, we may hold our breath, breathe shallowly, or breathe rapidly. Over time these ways of breathing become our habit. This makes it hard for our bodies to produce energy. Every aspect of our health requires energy. Through Taoist practices and meditation, you can retrain yourself to breathe in ways that give you energy, in ways that calm you, and in ways that create vitality. These are ways of developing Qi.

Shen (Spirit)

It’s easy to lose a sense of spiritual connection in today’s world. Through meditation, nourishing practices, and daily mindfulness, your mind begins to settle. You come to rest in a deep sense of awareness that is calm and quiet. These are pathways to uncover and strengthen your Shen.

What does Taoist philosophy have to do with nourishing our well-being?

Taoist philosophy offers a natural way of living that brings your practice and meditation into the day-to-day moments of your life. Throught Taoist Philosophy, you can learn to live in a way that builds and conserves your internal energies rather than depletes them.

In this commentary on a Taoist poem, Stuart talks about nourishing yourself through Taoism.

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