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Sanctuary of Tao Membership

The Sanctuary of Tao’s Membership is a great way to start interacting with us, learn about Taoism, and get an introduction to the various avenues for beginning Taoist Internal Alchemy.

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Through the Sanctuary of Tao’s membership, seminars, courses, and programs, we have been steadily developing a path for learning and practicing Taoist teachings. Please click on the program descriptions for more information and don’t hesitate to email us with any questions you may have or desires for more information.

Taoist Internal Alchemy

One of the Sanctuary of Tao’s main purposes is to promote the teachings of Taoist Internal Alchemy, which is about cultivating your inherent internal energies of Jing, Qi, and Shen (body, breath, and mind) to awaken your spirit. Taoist Internal Alchemy helps you live and die well by showing you how to restore and maintain good health throughout your life and die with peace and tranquility.

From his many years of learning from incredibly skilled teachers (most notably Master T.T. Liang) and translating major Taoist works on Internal Alchemy, Stuart Alve Olson (founder of the Sanctuary of Tao)  has established himself as one of the leading practitioners and teachers on the subject of Internal Alchemy living today. Stuart has been described as a “Teacher’s Teacher in Taoism” because many experienced teachers find his expertise and guidance instrumental to their spiritual development.

Internal Alchemy
Foundational Program

Eight Brocades and the Longevity Teachings of Li Qingyun

Learn Li Qingyun’s version of the Taoist practice of Eight Brocades and his guidance for attaining good health and longevity.

Although this is the first course we created for the Sanctuary of Tao in 2019, we add material to the course every year through review classes and practice sessions.

It is a self-study program but is also enhanced with live group classes each year. 

Once you have registered for it, you will have access forever and always be welcome to attend any live group classes in the future.

Eight Brocades is a core practice of the Sanctuary of Tao and is at the heart of all other practices and programs we teach.

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Self-Study Internal Alchemy Contemplative Methods

Laying the Foundation of Internal Alchemy

Laying the Foundation is a one-year program and entry point for becoming a Closed Door Student of Stuart Alve Olson. Whether you wish to continue with Stuart or not, this course provides a lifetime of cultivation practice and study. The program comes in three parts:

Laying the Foundation: in these recordings, Stuart provides a detailed roadmap with step-by-step instructions to replenish your Internal Energies of Jing, Qi, and Shen (body, life force/breath, and Spirit). This is what it means to lay the foundation for Internal Alchemy. He will also explain the process of reverting Qi to the brain, mobilizing the Qi, and developing Mind-Intent (28 lessons total, one every 14 days).

Major Texts and Methods of Internal Alchemy: in these recordings, Stuart delves into an in-depth overview of the great works on Internal Alchemy. This is a unique opportunity to study ancient teachings that haven’t been accessible to Westerners with this level of depth and thoroughness (12 talks, one each month).

Live Review Classes: four times a year, Stuart will meet with the group to answer questions and delve further into some Internal Alchemy subjects. These will be ongoing classes and available to every student of Internal Alchemy. So, registering for this program means you can always attend any future classes. As you listen to the monthly talks and lessons, you can consider which text and methods resonate with you.

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Self-Study Internal Alchemy Solo Methods for Regeneration of Jing, Qi, and Shen (not partner training methods)

Dual Cultivation of Sexual Energy (Masculine-Yang and Feminine-Yin)

This program includes the recordings from two seminars Stuart led in the Fall of 2023 on Taoist Dual Cultivation methods. The talks focus on the methods and information for increasing sexual health, vitality, and spiritual experience. In Taoism, the term Dual Cultivation means using your own contemplative and sexual energies to lead you toward awakening your spirit.

These seminars provide information on how to individually strive for this goal. They are not about partaking in partner training.

This program is designed to aid students in the development of their Jing (Essence) Energy (body/sexual energy), which furthers their development and experience of Qi (Vital Energy, breath), and, thus, leads to awakening their Shen (Spirit) Energy (consciousness and mind-intent).

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Taijiquan (Tai Chi)

The Sanctuary of Tao’s Taijiquan programs provide access to a lifetime’s worth of teachings and reference guides that will only get deeper and more useful with time. These courses are the most effective way to present Stuart Alve Olson’s foundational knowledge and experience of Taijiquan.

Although Taiji has many health and self-defense aspects, it is an incredible means for developing Internal Alchemy. It is all about developing your internal energies and is every bit as effective as seated Taoist meditation practices. Stuart often refers to Taiji as “moving meditation” or “moving Internal Alchemy.” 

Taiji Foundational Program

Before Heaven 16-Posture Form of Taijiquan

Learn the details of how each Tai Chi posture should be performed correctly. No matter what style of Taijiquan you perform, you can use the information from this program to make your existing form and practice even better.

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Taiji Foundational Program

After Heaven 64-Posture Form of Taijiquan

The complete Taijiquan foundational postures program. Includes the 16- and 64-posture Before and After Heaven courses. 

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Taiji Foundational Program

The Twenty-Two Principles of Taijiquan

Seven-part series by Stuart Alve Olson on the Taijiquan principles of practice for developing the internal and intrinsic energies of Qi and Jin.

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Taiji Foundational Program

The Intrinsic Energies of Taijiquan

Fourteen-part online lecture, instruction, and demonstration series on the development and training of 30 intrinsic energies of Taijiquan.

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Closed-Door Student Path

Becoming a Closed-Door student includes access to the pre-recorded classes from the Laying the Foundation Program and the ability to meet with Stuart online twice a month in one-on-one private sessions.

A Closed-Door Student (關 門 第 字, Guan Men Di Zi) is someone who commits to truly cultivate their spirit with the personal guidance of a teacher over a long-term period.

This program is right for you if:

  • You’ve been practicing consistently for a long time and found that you’ve reached a plateau practicing on your own. You are ready to apply the practices you’ve been doing towards a path of Internal Alchemy but need the right information at the right time and the personal guidance of a teacher.

  • You’ve been practicing on your own on and off, and you feel ready to become consistent in your practice and need the support of a personal teacher and a small group of other dedicated students to help you along the Way.

  • You are ready to focus on cultivating Taoist practices intensively to have a transformation in your health and revitalize your energy and youthfulness. Or you’re ready to shift your approach to life because the norms of our society have not been working for you, and you crave a deeper sense of freedom and peace from within.

As a Closed-Door Student, month-by-month through the year you will receive guidance about how to practice Internal Alchemy with the purpose of forming the elixir (developing and combining Jing and Qi) to awaken your spirit (Shen).

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Philosophy Courses

Introduction to the I Ching

Learn the basics of the ancient Chinese system of divination and calculation for gaining wisdom and developing intuition.

Then continue your studies of the I Ching through the monthly talks in the Membership.

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