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Lunar New Year Webinar on Starting, or Restarting, a Cultivation Practice

webinars Jan 24, 2023

About the Year of the Rabbit (Hare)

Technically, this year should be called the “Year of the Hare,” as hares are swifter than rabbits. They are born with a coat of fur and have good vision, while rabbits are born naked and blind.

The Yin Water Hare is spiritually powerful this year. All hares and rabbits have three tunnels of escape and places of refuge. This year they seek to reside in their spiritual one. So retreats, pilgrimages, and having a fixed regime for spiritual practices are best suited for this year.

This year has an intercalary moon. This means the rabbit month is doubled, which is another indication of the year being more in tune with the energy of the hare this year.

In this year, the Jade Rabbit in the Moon has a more powerful influence and protection. The Jade Rabbit guards Chang’0, the moon goddess who drank the elixir of life and lives in retreat within the moon. So this year brings about powerful influences for spiritual cultivation, especially meditation in connection with Internal Alchemy.



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