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I Ching Hexagram: Great Strength

Great Strength: I Ching Hexagram for Mar-April 2023

i ching monthly hexagram Mar 20, 2023

Please see the Book of Sun and Moon by Stuart Alve Olson for more details of the advice and correlations given in this piece for the present month (moon).

Great Strength, #34, Da Zhuang

This hexagram holds influence over the period of the Yin Wood Rabbit Moon (including the intercalary moon period).

Thunder over Heaven

Like seeing lightning and hearing loud thunder in the sky—demonstrating nature’s immense power.

Represents Wood (δΉ™, Yi) Rooster (ι…‰,You)

Developing discipline and intelligence.

Book of Changes (I Ching) text:

Great Strength. There is advantage in being resolute.

Prove you are honorable by meeting obligations with friends. With this strength, it is good to plan for the future. This is a time of great power and influence wherein the very power of nature is being reflected, so to maintain greatness you must strive to be incorruptible in your actions. 



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