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astrology Oct 25, 2022

Chart Your Chinese Animal Signs

Each hour, day, month, and year correlate to one of twelve animals in the Chinese Zodiac so that each person has an astrology chart made up of four animal signs, one for their hour, day, month, and year.

There are both lunar and solar-based Chinese calendar systems, so you will find differences in the starting and ending dates of certain years and months between different sources’ calendars depending on whether you are looking at a solar or lunar calendar or one that combines both.


How to Determine Your Animal Sign Chart

The Sanctuary of Tao follows the lunar calendar to calculate the four animal signs of a person’s astrological chart.


Your Year and Month

We have included PDFs of lunar charts below that list the years and months for a 150 period, from 1901–2050, according to the lunar calendar, which we recommend using to look up your Chinese animal sign for the year and month you were born.

For many people, the charts and calculator will show the same animal signs for year and month, but we advise checking this PDF to ensure you have the correct lunar year and month, in case there is any discrepancy in the dates between the two systems.


Your Day and Hour

The solar calendar calculator below will help you find the animal signs for your day and hour. As explained above, the calculation of the hour and day are the same for both the lunar and solar calendars, so this solar calendar calculator will actually give you your lunar hour and day.


Solar Calendar Calculator

(If the calculator isn’t showing up, click here to visit

Using the lunar chart PDF to find your year and month and the calculator to find your day and hour is how you will identify your four animal signs of your hour, day, month, and year, according to the lunar system.


Lunar Calendar Conversion Charts


Check the PDF Lunar Calendar Conversion Charts to find the animal signs of your birth year and month—which can differ from the solar calendar dates. Use the Solar Calendar Calculator to find the animal signs for the day and hour because the day and hour signs are the same for both systems. For most people, the charts and calculator will show the same animal signs, but we advise checking both so you get the most accurate reading that aligns with the lunar calendar.



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