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An Image of a Rabbit and the Mandarin Character for Rabbit

Intercalary Moon: Wood Rabbit

astrology Mar 20, 2023

March 22–April 19th, 2023

By Suzanne Nosko

As this new moon on March 22nd will be an intercalary month (or moon), the Yin Water Rabbit influence will be with us longer. This happens approximately every three years and is done in order to keep up the lunar year with the solar year.

Since the solar year is determined by the length of time it takes for the Earth to complete a whole revolution around the Sun, and the Lunar year is determined by the length of time it takes the Moon to complete 12 whole cycles (from new moon to new moon is one whole cycle), then that means that the Moon completes her year slightly faster than the Sun.

Over time, this difference gets larger and therefore to make up for that, about every three years an extra month (intercalary, or leap month) is inserted, making that year have 13 months. Then, complex astronomical and astrological calculations determine which month will be repeated.

This year being a leap year, the Yin Water Rabbit moon is the intercalary moon being repeated. In Chinese Astrology, the moon sign rules over our emotions.

Rabbits are sensitive and gentle animals. They are clever, possessing an agile mind, and dislike risk-taking. Naturally overcautious, rabbits are experts at hiding and even build their dens with at least two, but usually more, exits.

If you have a Rabbit as your moon sign, these characteristics may apply to you in terms of your emotional self. When overwhelmed, the rabbit's influence may make you just want to retreat into one of your designated “comfort spaces” to hide and feel safe, like a Rabbit burrowing into one of its dens. But this feeling comes and goes, as a Rabbit comes and goes from its den. Hopping from one den to another, so too emotionally, being in one moment sad or worried and in the next happy and carefree.

The Rabbit is fast and can make changes quite easily when needed. They are considered the luckiest of all 12 animals in the zodiac.

The Rabbit moon has a quieter rhythm that will facilitate going inwards, with activities such as contemplation and reflection. Making peace, treaties, and the forging of alliances is supported.

After the intensity of the Tiger which ruled over the previous year, it is a much needed time for repair. This moon will stimulate the search for remedies and for alternative methods of healing and gathering medicine.

This period is about working with the strength of the small, while also understanding that there is power in yielding, withdrawing, and rest. It is not always about perpetual advancing as this cannot be sustained. Small groups and communities may gain leverage rather than larger ones.

According to a Chinese Legend, the Jade Emperor wanted help making the elixirs of immortality and decided he would come down from his heavenly abode and disguise himself as a beggar to see who can be trusted enough for such a task.

After observing that humans were much too selfish, he turned to animals to ask for food. A monkey brought fruits, a fox brought fish, and a rabbit brought only grass. After learning that humans did not eat grass, the Rabbit offered himself for the man to eat.

The Jade Emperor was so moved, he declared it the bravest creature and carried it to the moon where he remains working hard making the elixirs of immortality and protecting the moon goddess, Chang’e.



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