Internal Alchemy Program
— Year One —

The first year of a long-term immersive program in Internal Alchemy


Excerpt from one of the first Internal Alchemy classes

A Closed-Door Student Path …

In 2021, Stuart Alve Olson recorded a series of lectures on setting up the foundation of Internal Alchemy. This course represents the first year in an ongoing immersive course of study and practice for learning Taoist alchemy teachings with Stuart through recorded classes and monthly one-on-one private sessions.

For over thirty years, Stuart has focused on translating and compiling Taoist works on cultivating internal energy, and now he’s focusing on transmitting these teachings to others.

A Closed-Door Student (關 門 第 字, Guan Men Di Zi) is someone who commits to truly cultivate their spirit with the personal guidance of a teacher over a long-term period. 

As a Closed-Door Internal Alchemy Student, month-by-month through the year you will receive step-by-step guidance about how to practice Internal Alchemy with the purpose of forming the elixir (developing and combining Jing and Qi) to awaken your spirit (Shen)


Recorded Modules

Pre-recorded classes every 15 days. Lifetime access once available.

Private Meetings

Monthly private sessions with Stuart. Starting at once a month, then moving to two times monthly. 


Taoists seek to awaken the spirit to return to the Tao, which means to live in harmony with the spiritual energy that permeates and is the source of all existence. When you live in accordance with the natural laws of the Tao, the underlying nature of all phenomena, you experience clarity and tranquility, wisdom and compassion, contentment, and a state of ease and flow.

Internal Alchemy is one of the natural laws of the Tao for reverting back to the source

Most traditional Taoist texts on Internal Alchemy are written in metaphorical language, so it’s crucial to have a knowledgeable teacher to advise you in your individual practice of Internal Alchemy. Stuart, as his students attest, has a unique ability to break down the cryptic and mystical language of Taoism. 

Stuart has been described as a “Teacher’s Teacher" in Taoism because even the most experienced and knowledgeable teachers find his expertise and guidance so instrumental for their spiritual development.

Ted Blumberg

2020 Year-One Internal Alchemy Closed-Door Student

Stuart Olson is a masterful teacher who clarifies the theory of a subject that can be confusing and opaque. And he provides practical methods for the student, methods that allow one to safely tread the path of internal alchemy. Although he has more than earned the right to be referred to as a master, Stuart has no airs, no affectations, as befits a true master. He’s not just a teacher but a friend and a fellow traveler on one of life’s most rewarding journeys. If you’ve been wanting to learn internal alchemy, I can think of no better way to do so. 

About Stuart Alve Olson

Stuart Alve Olson is the founder, director, and head teacher at the Sanctuary of Tao. He is an author and translator of over thirty works on Taoist Philosophy, the I Ching, Taijiquan, Qigong, and Internal Alchemy practices, many of which now appear in several foreign language editions.

In his late 20s and early 30s, he began learning from teachers such as Chan Master Hsuan Hua and Master T.T. Liang, and continued to learn from them and many other notable teachers. For over thirty years, he has been studying Taoist and Buddhist philosophy and Chinese language while practicing Taoist meditation and ceremony, Qigong, Taijiquan, Praying Mantis Kung Fu, and Internal Alchemy.

We highly recommend you take advantage of this unique opportunity to become a Closed-Door student and receive the support of a one-to-one teacher and mentor for your spiritual path.

There is a limited number of Closed-Door students Stuart can teach, and because most Closed-Door students stay with Stuart for the long term, each year we offer this program, there will be fewer spots available until Stuart is no longer able to take on new Closed-Door students.

Stuart has focused for many years on his spiritual cultivation, and he has focused for many years on writing dozens of books. This is the time of his life when he is focusing on transmitting his teachings to others. There will come a time when he will go back to focusing on his own cultivation, and will not be as available to students. So this is a very special window of time for you to step into this intensive and intimate training and community.

Mark Smith

2020 Year-One Internal Alchemy Closed Door Student

Having looked for a Nei Dan teacher for some years, and having read many of Stuart's books, I was still a little hesitant to sign up for the closed-door class. It seemed quite a commitment, and while Stuart was clearly a great author and very knowledgeable, I had no idea how he would be as a teacher.

As I approach the end of the year and look back, I can say with absolute clarity that it was a great decision to sign up. I have learnt a huge amount and Stuart is an amazing teacher.

This is the sort of material you simply can't learn from a book, and if you are considering stepping on the path with Stuart and the team, I would recommend it without any doubt. 

Bill McCracken

2020 Year-One Internal Alchemy Closed-Door Student

Anyone who has tried to make sense of all of the cryptic language used by many Taoist teachers throughout the centuries will find Sanctuary of Tao’s Internal Alchemy a refreshing approach to learning and practicing this material.

My experience in this class was primarily that I feel I finally understood this material and most importantly the practices were explained well and we took our time to integrate it and learn it before moving on to the next lesson.

I think the biggest take away from this class was Stuart’s repeated emphasis that no two people will encounter this material in the same way. Stuart made sure to meet with each one of us monthly to go over our specific practice. I think this is a big plus, since if you read the literature on this subject, you get the impression it has to be done in a specific manner.

What I learned is that there are fundamental principles that must be followed, but that each person is going to find their own way of doing the practice that works for them. That was a huge comfort to me, especially when I explained my experiences to Stuart and he assured me I was doing everything correctly.

It takes a lifetime to become an immortal, if we are that fortunate, so the bottom line is it must be done gradually overtime and with self-compassion, then the results just appear of themselves without forcing them.

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