One-Day Virtual Spring Retreat 

June 18th, 2022

Rejuvenate your body and spirit by spending a day immersed in simple yet powerful practices to nourish your Jing, Qi, and Shen

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Are you feeling like we’re coming out of a long winter in more ways than one? Like we’ve been in hibernation for the last couple of years?

Just like with literal winter, in this metaphorical winter, we’ve been deepening our roots and growing under the surface.
 And now it feels like there’s so much energy ready to burst forth and create new possibilities.

This is a powerful time to:

  • Release the old habits and step into the new

  • Reconnect with the spark of life-force energy at your core

  • And work with it to revitalize yourself from the inside out 


“Renew yourself every day completely, make yourself anew daily,
still anew today, and every day anew.”
Shang Dynasty proverb


Spring is the time of year for renewal and revitalization. And Taoism has very effective ways of renewing life. That’s why we are inviting you to:

Join us for our first ever, one-day virtual Revitalizing Spring Retreat

Many years ago we asked Stuart, “What would be the most effective way for us to progress in our cultivation?”

And he gave us four simple yet powerful practices. 

So we would wake up early each morning, and as the dusky light of dawn poured through the windows, we would practice these four methods: 

  • Eight Brocades

  • Patting the Meridians

  • Massaging the 12 Qi Centers

  • Opening the Three Passes 

After doing these practices for the day, I felt energized, calm, and clear. It was like every cell of my body was deeply nourished, replenished, and radiating with Qi. 


This spring, we're gathering together to use these practices to rejuvenate our health and vitality. Join us for this virtual retreat, so you can:

  • Clear the tension you've been carrying

  • Get your energy flowing again

  • Start a spiral upwards in your health 

These four practices are simple yet powerful methods of cultivating the Three Treasures, the three energies of the body that give us life: 




Life-Force Energy



Having well-developed, well-flowing Jing and Qi, and a strong Spirit are the keys to health and youthful vitality. Once the Three Treasures are restored, the body feels light, strong, and energized.

One of the students of the Internal Alchemy class shared that after seeing an acupuncturist for years, after utilizing just one practice that Stuart taught in the beginning of the Setting Up the Foundation for Internal Alchemy program (something we’ll be practicing in the retreat), his acupuncturist said “there’s nothing I need to treat you for today” because all his vitals looked so good, and that had never happened before.

Taoists replenish their Three Treasures, Jing, Qi, and Shen, in order to enjoy “youthfulness in old age.” Their goal in doing so is to apply the benefits of youthful vitality and the wisdom of age toward awakening their Spirit through Internal Alchemy.


These are some examples of how we will replenish our internal energies during this retreat:

An image of s sprout coming up from the ground

Replenish Your Jing

We'll do practices to stimulate and build our bodily fluids that make up our Jing—for example by:

  • Swirling the tongue to stimulate the saliva
  • Patting the meridians to stimulate the lymph
  • Increasing blood flow by warming areas with breath, movement, and massage
An image of a caldron with fire underneath and steam rising up

Replenish Your Qi

In this retreat, we'll:

  • Coordinate our breath with our movements to cultivate Qi.
  • Do practices to eliminate tension so Qi can freely move.
  • Use our breath, movement, and mind-intent to guide the Qi through the body.
An image of a magnolia flower

Replenish your Shen 

We'll do these practices:

  • With one-pointed focus
  • Followed by short meditation periods 

Whether you're looking to:
Restore yourself to vibrant health
Combine youthfulness and longevity, or

Set up the foundation for Internal Alchemy...


Join Us for the Revitalizing Spring Retreat! 
June 18th, 2022



10:00 am — 4:00 pm Central

ANNOUNCEMENT: There has been a change in the schedule, and after his opening remarks, Stuart will be giving the talk in the morning rather than in the afternoon. He will be speaking on the Jade Pivot Scripture on approaching your practice with sincerity, gentleness, and silence.

  • Beginning Taiji Posture practiced as Qigong to warm up the body 
  • Eight Brocades
    • We will do the first half of the practice, which prepares the body for meditation, bringing the Qi down from the head into the lower Dan Tian.
    • 5-minute seated meditation, 10-minute walking meditation
    • Then we will finish with the last half of the practice, which is designed to bring you out of meditation and help your Qi to circulate, especially down into the lower body
  • An hour break for lunch. We recommend taking a short mindfulness walk after lunch if you have time
  • Tracing the Wall to get the body up and moving
  • Patting the Meridians
  • Massaging the Qi Centers
  • Opening the Three Passes
  • 5-minute seated meditation, 10-minute walking meditation
  • Stuart will give closing remarks with time for Q&A and discussion

This will be
a review of Eight Brocades for those who have taken it before, with basic guidance for beginners to follow-along.

If you haven’t done Eight Brocades before, this is a great way to dip your toe in, to see if you enjoy the practice. When we ran an in-person Taoist Center in Phoenix, many people come there with no interest in doing Eight Brocades, but after they tried it, they felt so amazing, they became die-hard fans of the practice. 

This will not be a class on Eight Brocades, so it’s not meant to give you all the details or make sure that everyone is following along correctly. If you’d like to really get the most out of the practice, we highly recommend purchasing the Eight Brocades Course.

We are offering a sale of $100 off the Eight Brocades and Longevity Methods Course between now and the retreat, you can purchase it here for $200 instead of the regular $300 price. So you can dive into that if you would like to spend a whole month immersing yourself in these practices, which would be an amazing way to spend this transitionary period of spring, revitalizing your health and connecting with your spirit. 

There will not be a replay for this event. We apologize for those of you who are in time zones that make this scheduling difficult. We’re grateful that we have the technology to make this kind of retreat experience available to more people than if we were just doing it in-person, but we want to keep this as a live event only, so we still have limitations in how accessible we can make it.

We will have the talk available in the Membership portal afterwards. So all members will have access to it, but if you're at the retreat, you can ask questions and be a part of the live discussion. 

Maybe in the future we will host it at alternative times to make it easier for those of you in much different time zones. Let us know if this is something you’re interested in but are unable to attend due to the scheduling, and we’ll see what we can do in the future to support you.



Members $108

Non-members $128

Because we are a non-profit, as with the membership, if you would like to attend but cost is an issue, we offer scholarships to those in need of them. Just reach out to us at [email protected] and let us know about your situation and we'll work with you to make sure you can attend. 

Join Us for the Virtual Spring Retreat!

Immerse yourself in practices to nourish your Jing, Qi, and Shen

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If you’d like to revitalize your energy so you can thrive in all your upcoming summer adventures, join us for this retreat!

We'd love to see you there! We can't wait to come together with you to practice these simple yet powerful practices to rejuvenate our bodies, minds, and spirits.  

“People’s natures are basically the same, it is their practices which set them far apart.”


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Join Us for the Virtual Spring Retreat!

Immerse yourself in practices to nourish your Jing, Qi, and Shen

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