Tao of Less Stress Program – Complete and Available for Free

Throughout the Spring, we’ve been gathering together in a program called the Tao of Less Stress, based on Stuart’s book The Tao of No Stress, teaching breathing, self-massage, and the six healing sounds to relieve stress and anxiety. The program also includes an additional set of Standing Qigong practices for mindfulness and relaxation. 

Over these months, many of us found that using these practices helped us find more inner calm and spaciousness during these difficult times.

The full program is available in the Class Portals area of this site for free or by optional donation. (There are some technical issues in the first few classes and in the last class.)

This round of the Tao of Less Stress Program will be available throughout this Coronavirus era because the discussions in the class are specific to what we’ve all been going through during this time period. At some point in the next year, we will take down the program to rework it and offer it again.

In the Tao of Less Stress class portal you’ll find another version of the Six Healing Sounds (different from the one found on our blog) and three Standing Qigong practices, which are separate from the classes. So you can use those as resources on their own, with or without watching the other class sessions.

This program is taught by Bill McCracken, a long-term Taoist practitioner, mindfulness teacher, and counselor. See his bio below.

Mindfulness and Loving-Kindness Practice from the Tao of Less Stress Community Call

Teacher Bio

William McCracken began his study of meditative traditions almost 30 years ago and has a background in Taoist philosophy and practice, and Japanese, Vietnamese, and Korean traditions of Zen. Bill is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and the Head Dharma Teacher and Abbot of the Delaware Valley Zen Center. One of his main areas of focus has been in practicing, teaching, and counseling people in mindfulness, with certifications from the Oasis Institute at the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, the International Mindfulness Teachers Association, and the Koru Mindfulness Program. Bill has been learning and practicing various forms of Daoist practice such as Yang-style Taiji, Dao Yin, Eight Brocades, and Qigong for almost 20 years and has been a student of Stuart Alve Olson since 2017.

Bill will be assisted in hosting the program sessions by Lily Shank and Patrick Gross.

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