Tai Chi Basics

Tai Chi Chuan is meditation and Taoist philosophy in motion. It is based entirely on natural simplicity. Tai Chi (Taijiquan or Taiji) practice contains the following benefits and goals:

  1. Health and Longevity
  2. Defense Against the Self (From Your Own Mistakes)
  3. Mental Accomplishment and Wisdom
  4. Immortality and Internal Alchemy
This video was filmed in the early 1990s and first appeared
in Stuart’s presentation of Master T.T. Liang’s 150-Posture Form.

Wave Hands in Clouds

This video teaches one posture of Tai Chi Chuan called Wave Hands in Clouds as an introduction to Tai Chi, and has been modified so that it can be used as a stand-alone, continual Qigong practice. If practiced consistently, it will benefit your health and well-being as much as any other Qigong and Tai Chi exercise would. For example, through the subtle twisting and stretching motions, this exercise gives your body a gentle massage of the internal organs from the inside-out.

While this is a worthwhile practice on its own, it is also a great stepping-stone to learning a full Tai Chi form, such as the Yi Tai Chi Before Heaven 16-Posture Form, available in the Member Area.

Repetitive Tai Chi Posture

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