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Hold on to Being, Yet Keep to Non-Being

“Hold on to being and keep to non-being” is an important verse in the Tao De Jing. The meaning is quite complex and can apply to various situations. But to help illustrate one of the meanings I will tell you an old story about a monk and a female benefactor. There was once an old […]

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Yellow Court Seminar – Opening Remarks

[fvplayer src=”https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/celestialvideos/Yellow+Court+Seminar+Opening+Remarks.m4v” width=”320″ height=”240″] On January 28 & 29, 2017, Stuart Alve Olson conducted his first seminar on the Yellow Court Scripture, focusing on volume 1 of the Yellow Court Book Series. This video is a portion of his opening remarks. See the Yellow Court Seminar DVD Series at Valley Spirit Arts for more information.

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Master T.T. Liang Interview

This interview with Master T.T. Liang (1900 to 2002) was filmed when he was 93 years old. Master Liang was born during the 1st Moon, 23rd Day, and to celebrate his life and acknowledge his great influence, we recite his favorite text, the Tai Ji Quan Treatise, and chant the Great Compassion Mantra (Da Bei Zhou) in his honor, as well as […]

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Excerpt from Refining the Elixir

This blog post presents the Conclusion section to Stuart Alve Olson’s introductory material in his book Refining the Elixir: The Internal Alchemy Teachings of Taoist Immortal Zhang Sanfeng © 2016 by Stuart Alve Olson. Refining the Elixir The whole process of internal alchemy, especially in the structure Zhang Sanfeng presents, is really not that complicated. If we look at it […]

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Year of the Fire Monkey 2016

The Year of the Fire Monkey is a year of excitement and constant change, both financially and politically. For the first six months or so the world will feel as though it’s being shaken and toppled over, seeming as chaotic as hundreds of monkeys chattering loudly in the trees. Around September, the Monkey matures, quiets down, and comes […]

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Laba Festival

The Laba Festival (腊 八 節) is the last of the Chinese Eight Festival Days. Falling on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month (January 17, 2016), the Laba Festival was originally a day when people prepared sacrifices for their ancestors, and to request of Heaven and Earth good fortune for the family at […]

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Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove 7-Part Series

竹 林 七 賢 Zhu Lin Qi Xian The Seven Sages (or Worthies) of the Bamboo Grove were a group of third century CE Taoist scholars, writers, and musicians who opposed Confucianism, adhering to the philosophies of Lao Zi and Zhuang Zi. Their history and story is really well told in this remarkable film production by […]

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Red Envelope Offerings

Over the years we’ve had many students question the purpose of using red envelopes in making offerings, gifts, and donations to others, so here’s a brief explanation of this practice. “Red envelope” (紅包, Hong Bao) literally translates as “red package.” They are traditionally used in Chinese culture for the giving of money at New Year, […]

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