Coming Out of Meditation

When you finish your meditation period, practicing the following Rejuvenation Exercises before leaving the sitting mat will help your body gently adjust from being in meditation to standing up and moving around.

Rub the hands together vigorously until warm [photo 1] and then cup the hands over the face and circularly rub gently [like washing the face], nine times [photos 2–4]. Then hold the hands over the face and feel the heat penetrating the skin for three breaths [photo 5].

Place the palms on opposite shoulders, then turn and twist the back slowly to each side ten times [photos 6–8].

Stretch out the legs loosely and shake the feet three times [photo 9].

With the back of each hand [held in loose fists], rub the kidney areas vigorously and circularly eighteen times [photo 10].

Interlace the fingers and stretch the arms and hands upwards three times [photos 11–12].

Rub vigorously and circularly the sides of both legs, from the hip to the knee, three times [photos 13–14].

Bend the legs and bring up both feet so the bottoms of the feet face each other. Using the thumbs, rub the Bubbling Well Qi centers [the areas in the center of each foot just below the balls of the feet] nine times [photo 15].

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