Internal Alchemy — Laying the Foundation

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In this yearlong self-study program, Stuart Alve Olson lays out the foundation a person needs to prepare and restore their body, breath, and mind (Jing, Qi, and Shen) for undertaking Taoist Internal Alchemy.

This program is comprised of two parts:

  1. Laying the Foundation: in these recordings, Stuart provides a detailed roadmap with step-by-step instructions to replenish your Internal Energies of Jing, Qi, and Shen (body, life force/breath, and Spirit). This is what it means to lay the foundation for Internal Alchemy. He will also explain the process of reverting Qi to the brain, mobilizing the Qi, and developing Mind-Intent.
  2. Major Texts and Methods of Internal Alchemy: in these recordings, Stuart delves into an in-depth overview of the great works on Internal Alchemy. This is a unique opportunity to study ancient teachings that haven’t been accessible to Westerners with this level of depth and thoroughness. As you listen to these lessons, you can consider which text/method resonates with you. If you choose to continue on as a Closed-Door Student, you’ll work with Stuart to select and focus on one of these texts/methods for your Internal Alchemy path. 

If you're new to Internal Alchemy, this course will help you gain the foundational knowledge you need to get started and progress. And if you're a seasoned practitioner, this is the information you need to overcome hurdles, breakthrough plateaus, and advance in your spiritual cultivation.

Whether you’re currently practicing Eight Brocades Seated Qigong, Taijiquan, or something else, you can benefit from these lessons. Stuart’s lectures will give you the theory behind the practice so that you can deepen your spiritual cultivation through your practice.

Stuart also shares short and easy daily practices and lifestyle tips that you can combine with whatever your main practice is, to help you fully replenish your Jing, Qi, and Shen.

Upon enrollment, you’ll gain immediate access to the initial lessons, followed by bi-weekly sessions on "Laying the Foundation" and a monthly talk on the "Major Texts." 

After going through this Laying the Foundation Course, you may consider going on to work privately online with Stuart as a Closed-Door Student and receive personalized guidance for your Internal Alchemy path. This course is required for anyone wishing to work with Stuart one-on-one as a Closed-Door Student.

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