Internal Alchemy — Laying the Foundation

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Laying the Foundation is a one-year program and entry point for becoming a Closed Door Student of Stuart Alve Olson. Whether you wish to continue with Stuart or not, this course provides a lifetime of cultivation practice and study.

The program is comprised of three parts:

  1. Laying the Foundation: in these recordings, Stuart provides a detailed roadmap with step-by-step instructions to replenish your Internal Energies of Jing, Qi, and Shen (body, life force/breath, and Spirit). This is what it means to lay the foundation for Internal Alchemy. He will also explain the process of reverting Qi to the brain, mobilizing the Qi, and developing Mind-Intent (28 lessons total, one every 14 days).
  2. Major Texts and Methods of Internal Alchemy: in these recordings, Stuart delves into an in-depth overview of the great works on Internal Alchemy. This is a unique opportunity to study ancient teachings that haven’t been accessible to Westerners with this level of depth and thoroughness (12 talks, one each month).
  3. Live Review Classes: four times a year, Stuart will meet with the group to answer questions and delve further into some Internal Alchemy subjects. These will be ongoing classes and available to every student of Internal Alchemy. So, registering for this program means you can always attend any future classes. As you listen to the monthly talks and lessons, you can consider which text and methods resonate with you.

If you choose to continue as a Closed Door Student, you’ll work with Stuart to select and focus on one of these texts/methods for your Internal Alchemy path.

  • Enroll today for only $100 a month ($1,200 total).
  • As a token of our appreciation, we’re offering a limited-time discount of $50 off the first month.
  • Or, choose the pay-in-full option to save $200 on the total cost of the program ($1,000).

Upon enrollment:

  • Gain immediate access to the initial pre-recorded lessons.
    Followed by bi-weekly sessions on “Laying the Foundation” (one pre-recorded class every 14 days).
  • Monthly talks on the major Taoist Internal Alchemy texts (one pre-recorded talk every 30 days).
  • Also, live review classes with Stuart every three months. The first one will be scheduled around the Lunar New Year (February 2024).

After going through this yearlong Laying the Foundation Program, you may consider going on to work privately online with Stuart as a Closed Door Student and receive personalized guidance for your Internal Alchemy path. This course is required for anyone wishing to work with Stuart one-on-one as a Closed Door Student.

12 Monthly Payments of $100

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