$300.00 USD

Feminine Yin-Energy Cultivation Seminar

From the first of two Dual Cultivation seminars recorded in Fall 2023:

Stuart Alve Olson discusses the following teachings from his book Daoist Sexual Arts: A Guide for Attaining Health, Youthfulness, Vitality, and Awakening the Spirit:

  • Immortal He Xiangu’s Methods for Cultivating and Reducing the Menses and Restoring the Breasts.
  • Immortals Su Nu and Xuan Nu’s Methods of the Nine Female Energies and Cultivating the Five Dragons (external and internal versions for females). Su Nu and Xian Nu are attendants of Xi Wangmu (Western Royal Mother).
  • Sun Bu’er’s Methods for Nourishing the Yang Spirit.
  • Stuart will also give a talk on the purposes of the Three Dan Tians.

From these immortals (He Xiangu, Xi Wangmu’s attendants Su Nu and Xuan Nu, and Sun Bu’er), the Taoist sexual-alchemy teachings were first passed on to future generations.

In Taoism, the term Dual Cultivation means using your own contemplative and sexual energies to lead you toward awakening your spirit. These seminars provide information on how to individually strive for this goal. They are not about partaking in partner training.