Masculine Yang-Energy Cultivation Seminar

From the second of two Dual Cultivation seminars recorded in Fall 2023:

Stuart Alve Olson discusses the following teachings from his book Daoist Sexual Arts:

  • Zhang Sanfeng’s Nine Fundamentals on Gathering Qi
  • The Yellow Emperor Huang Di’s Instructions on Enhancing Sexual Prowess and Vitality and The Five Dragons (external and internal versions for males)
  • The 250-year-old Man Li Qingyun’s teachings on Preserving Vitality and Nourishing the Yin Spirit (Rosy Clouds techniques).
  • Stuart will also give a talk on the explanation and purposes of the Six Taboos.

In Taoism, the term Dual Cultivation means using your own contemplative and sexual energies to lead you toward awakening your spirit. These seminars provide information on how to individually strive for this goal. They are not about partaking in partner training.

$300.00 USD