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The Yellow Court Illumination Teachings

This overview provides some explanation and history on the Yellow Court Scripture so that students will have some idea of the goal for learning it. The reason for practicing these teachings is to become an immortal, so it is important to understand what immortality means to a Daoist. In the term “Immortality” (Xian), the Chinese ideogram […]

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Record of the Celestials

天 文 錄 Tian Wen Lu Translation Copyright © 2014 by Stuart Alve Olson. From the Chinese book Non Action Tranquil Sitting Methods (無為靜坐法, Wu Wei Jing Zuo Fa) compiled by Master Xu Zhenru (徐真如. Xu Zhenru). Derived from the work compiled by Hunyizi (混一子).  Published and printed by Zhen Shan Mei Book Company, Republic […]

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Thoughts on the Tao De Jing

When a person of high learning hears about the Dao, they practice it diligently. When a person of mediocre learning hears about the Dao, they hear it but don’t really listen to it. When a person of inferior learning hears about the Dao, they laugh about it loudly. If the Dao was not laughed at, […]

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The Dao of Longevity by Li Qingyun

The secret to entering the Dao of Longevity consists of ten methods: Seated Contemplation Settling the Mind Refining Your Nature Transcending Realms Sincerity and Reverence Cutting Off Affinities Controlling Thoughts Simplifying Daily Activities Maintaining Proper Views Entering Tranquility To speak about lengthening a person’s life, you must first have an adequate understanding of these ten […]

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Sanctuary of Tao