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"this is very old Chinese traditional herbal medicine ancient book(Golden Mirror of Medicine),from qing dynasty have more than 200 years(maybe 18th century).the book records the use of acupuncture,herbal medicine and book of changes with chinese script.It is preserved complete by one chinese doctor of my grandfather.(Golden Mirror of Medicine) is four years from the imperial Qing Dynasty Qian Wu is responsible for editing of a medical textbook. (Golden Mirror of Medicine) is named by the Emperor Qianlong.China's comprehensive Chinese medical books in a brief but fairly complete. Collected from the DongZhou Dynasties on the book, down to the essence of ancient medical books Ming and Qing Dynasties.Thank you download this image,plese click the lightbox to see more similar portfolio:"

The Only Disease in the World

Originating sometime during the Tang dynasty in Shanxi province, this story is about an elderly man who sold herbal medicines in the marketplace of his village. Since no one in the village knew his name, they just called him the Old Herb Seller. Wang Yu, a rich man in the village, was reserved, kind, and […]

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Immortality in Science

From “No one likes the thought of growing old. Despite our many human endeavors to escape or delay the process of aging, it seems to be an inevitable part of life. But … why? Why do living things gradually fall apart when they grow older? There is a word for it: senescence is the […]

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Old Taoist Story

For a long time now I’ve been wanting to tell this Taoist story about a young girl who wanted to learn Taoist magic and become an immortaless. It really has good advice about self-cultivation of Taoism and goes like this: In the province of Sichuan there was a very rich man, who had a young […]

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A Few Words

Hold on to Being, Yet Keep to Non-Being

“Hold on to being and keep to non-being” is an important verse in the Tao De Jing. The meaning is quite complex and can apply to various situations. But to help illustrate one of the meanings I will tell you an old story about a monk and a female benefactor. There was once an old […]

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Yin Yang Symbol

Mortality and Immortality Are One and the Same

In Taoism, life and death, or mortality and immortality, are one and the same. Mortality is immortality and immortality is mortality, just as life is death and death is life. In the Taiji (Yin-Yang) symbol it can be seen that death (the small dark circle) exists within life (the large white area resembling a fish). […]

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Sitting and Forgetting

Sitting in meditation as done in Zuo Wang (Sitting and Forgetting) there’s really little to depend upon. I think this is why most people acquire real doubts about practicing meditation. We can go to many types of workshops and seminars to learn various things that seem to have some aspect of a tangible practice we […]

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Wei Wu Wei

This may sound like a contrary statement at first, but devoting yourself to single-mindedness about meditation can be unwholesome. Such a mindset doesn’t take into account the world as a whole. Normally, we are in a state of thinking, “I want this but I don’t want that.” All day long we make decisions, which are […]

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Yellow Court Seminar – Opening Remarks

[fvplayer src=”” width=”320″ height=”240″] On January 28 & 29, 2017, Stuart Alve Olson conducted his first seminar on the Yellow Court Scripture, focusing on volume 1 of the Yellow Court Book Series. This video is a portion of his opening remarks. See the Yellow Court Seminar DVD Series at Valley Spirit Arts for more information.

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