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Zodiac Animals

Taoism and Chinese Astrology

A few months ago we created an astrological calendar, a Taoist calendar based on Chinese astrology, moon phases, the I Ching (易經, Book of Changes), and on Taoist special festivals and lore (see below for more information). When putting together the calendar it became clear to me how interconnected Taoism and Chinese astrology really are, […]

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A Few Words on Death and Grief

The older I get the more I find myself confronted with the incidences of death—family, friends, and acquaintances passing from this world appears unrelenting. With Covid, collectively we’ve had a heightened awareness of death over the last year and some months, and many of us have lost loved ones to Covid.  I have found myself […]

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Doing Less, Living More

During my last talk in the membership, I spoke a little on Wei Wu Wei, the Taoist idea of “active non-action,” or possibly better said, “active non-calculation.” However one wishes to translate this term, the concept of “doing nothing” always comes to mind, or as we might want to state it, “actively doing nothing.” Now […]

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Monthly Forecast: Feb-Mar 2021

Chinese Astrology: Wood Tiger Moon This Tiger Moon is a representation of the Wood (Green/East) Tiger which symbolizes Spring. This is a time of good fortune, Cai Shen (財神), the God of Wealth, himself rides a tiger because the Tiger brings good fortune. The mystical power of the Tiger is the scaring off of ghosts, […]

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A Few Words on the Year of the Metal Ox

The Ox is a very strong animal, so its influences will be strong too. The Ox on one hand can be quite helpful, because of its stabilizing effects and efforts of determination, but on the other hand, because of its strength and proclivity for becoming agitated by things it doesn’t like, the Ox can be […]

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Racial Justice and Equity Resource Guide

Racial Justice and Equity

We at the Sanctuary of Tao have been deeply disturbed by the inhumane murders of African Americans like George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, and so many others at the hands of White police officers. We are no longer willing to, through our inexcusable silence and inaction, perpetuate the status quo in this country, […]

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Mindfulness for Stress-Relief

Resources for Difficult Times

We hope you are all safe, healthy, and taking good care of yourselves and your communities. We’re not experts on public health or economic challenges, but Taoism does have a lot to share about responding to the changes and turmoil of life in a way that can lead to greater peace and clarity. So we […]

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Longevity Methods Video

The Six Healing Sounds

This video is excerpted from Li Qingyun’s Longevity Methods DVD, available at Valley Spirit Arts. The Six Qi Healing Sounds are restoration practices for healing dysfunctions of the internal organs. This video clip explains how to intone the six sounds and also the body positions to enhance their effects.

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A Few Thoughts on the Coronavirus

Over the past few years, there has been a great deal of anger, anxiety, and division running through our world, and these negative expressions are manifesting through  coronavirus, as it is a reactionary symptom of our worldly behavior. Sometimes we forget or are left unaware about the powerful effects our views and actions can have […]

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The Immortal Li Yuan

Over the years I’ve found myself drawn to stories about immortals. I think this attraction was due to having read Ge Hong’s (葛 洪) fourth-century work Master Who Embraces Simplicity (抱 朴 子, Bao Pu Zi ). In his book, Ge Hong makes credible arguments for the belief and existence of immortals, as well as describing the […]

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