Taiji Foundational Program

Before Heaven 16-Posture Form of Taijiquan

Instructed by Stuart Alve Olson and Patrick Gross

Learn the details of how each posture should be performed correctly in principle. These details allow you to make each posture precise so it can function correctly. Learn how these details relate to the applications. No matter what style of Taijiquan you perform, you can use the information from this program to make your existing form and practice better.

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  • Two Talks by Stuart Alve Olson. Each monthly talk will run approximately 90 minutes, maybe longer depending on the Q&A time needed.
    • Talk #1: The creation of the 16-Posture Before Heaven and 64-Posture After Heaven Forms. Stuart explains the arrangements of these two forms based on the correlations between the Tai Ji Quan Treatise by Zhang Sanfeng and the Book of Changes (I Ching).
    • Talk #2: Forming your personal practice. Stuart offers instruction and advice on how to best create your own practice regimen and how to traverse the stages of learning Taijiquan.
  • 40 pre-recorded lessons
    • Instructional videos come in five parts and include a demonstration of the self-defense applications according to the posture counts. 
    • Three-part practice video for each posture: Gesture Movements, Posture Repeats, and Qigong Breathing.
    • Guided practice video for the entire Before Heaven Form (three parts).
  • Eight weekly lessons and Q&A sessions
    • Each weekly session will consist of Stuart and Patrick focusing on two of the 16 postures, answering questions, and going through the guided practices for them.
  • All live classes and talks will be recorded and posted in the program portal, so don’t worry if you can’t attend any of the live classes.
  • Lifetime access. We don’t believe in limiting access to any course or program for which you’ve registered. Being able to revisit lessons and practice along with the guided sessions is a valuable asset that can provide insights and benefits to your practice of Taijiquan for many years to come. Hopefully, you can come back to the program whenever you need help overcoming any plateaus you may encounter while progressing through all the stages of your Taijiquan practice.

Program access starts immediately upon registration, and the live classes will run in January and February 2023 (schedule will be posted in the class portal).

The program fee is $300 ($225 for a limited time) and counts toward the After Heaven 64-Posture Program when that becomes available for registration in March 2023.

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