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The Sanctuary of Tao’s logo is based on an image taken from Taoist master Liu Yiming’s (1734–1821 CE) original work on the Yellow Court Scripture. The thatched-hut gateway image was meant to be representative of the entrance into the Tao. In the center of the image are the Chinese ideograms of Yuan Tao (院 道), meaning “the Sanctuary of Tao.”

On each pillar of the gateway are the two basic Taoist schools that the Sanctuary of Tao follows.

The left pillar reads,

樓 觀 道, Lou Guan Dao

and translates as the “Way of the Watchtower”—representing the philosophical and contemplative teachings of Lao Zi and Guan Yin Zi.

Guan Yin Zi was the gatekeeper at the northwest passage who encouraged Lao Zi to write the Tao De Jing (Scripture on Tao and Virtue), the founding book of Taoism, before his departure from China.

The right pillar reads,

三 豐 派, San Feng Pai

and translates as the “School of San Feng,” which refers to the teachings of Zhang Sanfeng (the attributed creator of Tai Chi Chuan and author of some of Taoism’s greatest Internal Alchemy works).

The combination of these two teachings exemplify the philosophical and physiological views of Taoism and the Sanctuary of Tao, and to illustrate that these two teachings are the gateway to finding “sanctuary in the Tao.”

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