Monthly Forecast for February 11-March 12, 2021

Chinese Astrology: Wood Tiger Moon

This Tiger Moon is a representation of the Wood (Green/East) Tiger which symbolizes Spring. This is a time of good fortune, Cai Shen (財神), the God of Wealth, himself rides a tiger because the Tiger brings good fortune. The mystical power of the Tiger is the scaring off of ghosts, thieves, and even wards off fires. Chinese shamans find the Tiger a very formidable animal, channeling it for assisting in the banishment of evil influences and cleansing those affected by bad spirits. This Tiger Moon, therefore, brings about social changes, especially in the political realm. Things will appear grander and more exciting. There is likewise a more creative energy abound in this Tiger Moon.

I Ching Hexagram: Peacefulness

The I Ching hexagram that symbolizes this Tiger Moon is Peacefulness, #11, 泰, Tai, Earth over Heaven. The Prediction for this hexagram states, “The small departs and the great arrives.” Meaning the pettiness of the previous moon and year are departing and great things are now arriving. It is a time for supporting both Heaven and Earth, so one should make a great effort for renewing one’s spiritual cultivation (Heaven) and equally engage in matters that protect and cleanse nature (Earth).

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