A Few Words on the Year of the Metal Ox

The Metal Ox is the ruler of the New Chinese Lunar Year 2021. Although we continue into Metal as the main source of influence element-wise (last year was a Yang Metal Rat year), we are now in its feminine state. Yin Metal is symbolized by items such as fine jewelry, sharp objects such as knives or scissors, and coinage (and therefore, wealth). 

In other words, it represents metal that has been shaped or fashioned as opposed to its counterpart, Yang Metal, which is symbolized by Metal in its rougher state, thereby representing blunt force objects such as axes and swords that must be forcefully hammered or beaten into shape in order to reveal its true potential. This past year can certainly attest to that!

The Ox is a very strong animal, so its influences will be strong too. The Ox on one hand can be quite helpful, because of its stabilizing effects and efforts of determination, but on the other hand, because of its strength and proclivity for becoming agitated by things it doesn’t like, the Ox can be dangerous if provoked. So, be careful in this Ox year because the Ox likes and demands order (like in the plowing of a field).

The Ox is known for being a steady yet hard-working animal. They are highly disciplined and prefer to do things the way they’ve always done them, so they can be thought of as traditionalists. The Ox is loyal and sets out to make realistic short-term objectives for tangible, concrete results. 

Oxes are determined, persistent, focused and they keep making slow but steady progress until they reach their end-goals. Therefore, with the Metal Ox reigning over 2021, all the zodiac animals will be benefited by adopting and making use of qualities such as consistent hard work, a sense of discipline, sticking to reasonable goals, traditions, and accumulating money wisely– as the energies brought forth by the Metal Ox year has the potential to strengthen one’s financial situation. 

The Ox year is no time for laziness, the Ox is a time for hard work. Put your affairs in order, especially concerning matters of the home, family, and business. 

Stay away from wild ventures or risky affairs, the Ox is too ethical and methodical to give its energy to such things. It is best to choose the reliable way during this time even if it means it will take longer. As T.T. Liang said, “work hard, work well, and wait for your allotment,” whether that be in your spiritual cultivation, career, or any other purpose.

If we wish to flow with the current, we would do best to cultivate patience, discipline, and consistency, in all that we do so that we can move with the natural energies present at this time, thereby, making the best of our endeavors. The traditional Ox treads the trodden path and values teamwork and a good moral compass. Thus, this is a year when honesty, correctness, and respect for others will be notably more rewarded. 

Health-wise, it is recommended to spend as much time as possible being in close contact with nature in settings such as open fields, mountains, lush parks, and nature trails this lunar year.

The Metal Ox appreciates sentimental relationships, particularly old and familiar ones. This means that this would be a good year to nourish family relationships and relationships with other loved ones, especially longtime familiar faces. Emotions are subdued but truthful and authentic, just like the Ox. 

As a result of this, Yang element natives (especially the Tiger, Horse, and Dog) are advised to keep their passion and tempers under control as these emotions are too intense for the steady Ox and can result in negative reactions. They must be mindful so that they can keep any sudden bursts of impulsivity, rashness, and forceful behavior in check. 

The Ram is also advised to be conscious of the rhythm of the Ox and adapt accordingly, because, although it is not a Yang sign, it is the sign in opposition to the Ox. This just means that to succeed, more effort will be needed on the Ram’s part (because the Ox is the ruler for the year) to keep the Ox’s pace and reach his goals.

There are those that also describe the Ox as stubborn, possessive, and prone to anger. But these behaviors only come out of the Ox during elemental (Fire) and zodiac animals (Dog, Goat, and Dragon) conflicting periods. The Ox finds comfort satisfaction with the Snake (but the Snake must be careful not to startle and get underfoot of the Ox) and Rooster, and is nourished the by things of the Earth element, and likewise nourishes things of the Water element.

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