Racial Justice and Equity

We at the Sanctuary of Tao have been deeply disturbed by the inhumane murders of African Americans like George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, and so many others at the hands of White police officers.

We are no longer willing to, through our inexcusable silence and inaction, perpetuate the status quo in this country, where Black people are judged and treated as “less than” and as criminals because of the color of their skin.

This little girl speaks to the heart of it:


To the Black members of our community, we want to do better. We are listening. We are committed to learning, reflecting, transforming, and taking action to dismantle White Supremacy and create a society where Black people, and all people of color, experience justice and equity and are supported to thrive.

This video and article have helped us understand and reflect upon our role in systemic racism.

Why I’m not a racist is only half the story

Racism defined

With what’s been happening in the world, and when doing this inner and outer work towards anti-racism, a lot of feelings can come up—whether that’s shame, guilt, anger, grief, defensiveness, and so much more.

Taoist practices like meditation can help us to create a quiet space within ourselves to feel and work through our emotions and to connect with our wise, compassionate self. From this place, we can see more clearly, and from there we can move forward in the world with wiser and more compassionate action.

Lily Shank created this PDF to share the resources that have helped her educate herself and learn where to start in supporting the movement for racial justice and equity. We hope it will be helpful to those of you who are wanting to do the same.

Sanctuary of Tao