Flying Aslant Posture

斜 飛 式
Xie Fei Shi

Photo is of Yang Chengfu and the illustration is from Chen Kung’s work

Note: Sometimes the name of this posture is translated into English as Diagonal Flying. The image created in this posture is from an old depiction of an immortal taking off obliquely into flight.

Posture Instructions

Following the end of the previous posture, Step Back to Chase the Monkey Away, the right hand is thrust downward as if cutting or chopping something, and the left hand is placed near it with the intention of seizing something. The right foot retreats to the right corner to make a Right Bow and Arrow Stance. The right arm, with the elbow bent down a little, sweeps horizontally rightward with the palm online with the nose, as if to break something, while the left hand straightens to the back with the palm facing downward as if pulling something.

Posture Applications

The right hand thrusts downwards on the elbow region of the arm of an opponent’s incoming strike. The left hand then moves to seize the wrist of the opponent. When the right foot steps back to the corner, the right arm moves up along the opponent’s arm until attaching to the opponent’s chest. Simultaneously, the left hand, having seized the opponent’s wrist, pulls the opponent’s arm toward the back corner. Then, in one action, the waist is turned completely to the corner (rightward) to topple the opponent.

Translation Copyright ©2019 by Stuart Alve Olson

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