Two Phoenixes Separately Hanging on the Ears

雙 鳳 掛 耳
Shuang Fen Gua Er

Photograph of Yang Chengfu with drawing from Chen Kung’s work.

Note: In present times this posture is called Strike Both Fists to the Ears or Double Winds.

Posture Instructions

From the preceding posture of Right Heel Kick, the right foot is left hanging and bent, with the right knee striking upwards. Both palms face upwards alongside the sides of the knees, and then from both sides they circle upwards respectively. The right foot then steps down into a Right Bow and Arrow Stance. When both palms come near to the sides of the opponent’s face, they clinch into fists and strike the opponent’s ears with both inverted fists.

Posture Applications

The premise of this application is to strike the two Ear Gates (耳 門) thus causing the opponent to be put in an unconscious state. The secret of this application is not necessarily to strike the ear openings but two points just below the ear lobes called the Ear Gates, thus the image of two phoenixes hanging on the ears.

Translation Copyright ©2019 by Stuart Alve Olson

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