Unroll the Girdle to Bind the Tiger

披 紳 縛 虎
Bi Shen Fu Hu

Photographs of Yang Chengfu with drawings from Chen Kung’s work.

Note: In present times this posture is just called Strike the Tiger.

Posture Instructions

After kicking, bring the right foot down, dropping to be placed near the left foot. The latter steps sidewards into a Left Bow and Arrow Stance. Both hands from right to left make an under crescent shape in front of the abdomen. Then the right hand rises in front of the chest, the palm is made into a gripping like fist with the knuckles facing downward and in. The left hand palm changes into a clinched fist and circles up in front of the forehead with the knuckles facing outwards.  These are the first set of actions. Following the above actions, the body turns around, both feet turn to a Right Bow and Arrow Stance, and both hands from left to the right make an under crescent in the above manner, but with the hands changing their positions, and this will be the second set of actions.

Posture Applications

The right hand seizes the opponent’s incoming fist and then turns his body to be in a defective position. The upper left hand then comes to strike the opponent’s head. On the second action the left hand seizes and the right hand strikes.

Translation Copyright ©2019 by Stuart Alve Olson

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