Year of the Fire Monkey 2016

MonkeyKing3The Year of the Fire Monkey is a year of excitement and constant change, both financially and politically. For the first six months or so the world will feel as though it’s being shaken and toppled over, seeming as chaotic as hundreds of monkeys chattering loudly in the trees. Around September, the Monkey matures, quiets down, and comes to its senses and order returns.

In contrast to the year, the Monkey itself is a very spiritual animal, so the cultivation of spiritual practices will be productive and beneficial, as though being blessed by Heaven.

Those familiar with the Monkey Sage (孫 悟 空, Sun Wukong) from the sixteenth century Ming dynasty classic Journey to the West will more fully appreciate and understand this year’s spiritual influence.

The Monkey Personality

The Monkey holds the ninth position in the Chinese Zodiac. The Monkey nature is normally cheerful and fun loving. They are energetic and represent flexibility. People born under the sign of the Monkey are clever, intelligent, confident, charismatic, loyal, inventive, and have leadership skills. The negative aspects of the Monkey personality are that they can tend towards being egotistical, arrogant, crafty, restless, and off-putting to others when expressing their views and opinions, which Monkeys think is just motivating others to get things done—but their manner of doing so can feel annoying to others. Monkeys love to talk. Their manner can appear calm and articulate, but beneath the surface they are racing and agitated. This is because the Monkey has a strong sense of self-defense and pride. Monkeys can be very loving and desire a great deal of nurturing, but equally have a tendency towards non-attachment. When the Monkey defends itself, its rarely confrontational, preferring to attack from behind, not the front. People who have conflicts with Monkeys rarely see their actions coming. Monkeys harm themselves with rash and enthusiastic responses to situations. A Monkey can be the greatest of friends because he or she values loyalty over being honorable. The Monkey personality can be very gentle, loving, and affectionate when being nurtured, yet if being threatened or disrespected they can bite, screech, and frantically rush about. Monkeys are all about change. Their moods run from loving and being calm to simply ignoring others and displaying fierce antagonism. Monkeys, in the end, need to contemplate everything. They simply need time to think their actions over.

Predictions for the Twelve Chinese Astrological Animal Signs of the Monkey Year


The Rat will feel blessed as though being spiritually guided this year. Things seem to go their way this year, but their love life will feel hindered. The Monkey energy causes them to feel pestered and annoyed by people and situations. The Rat maintains a concealed existence, and the Monkey seeks visibility.

The Rat is most compatible with the energies and influences of the Dragon and Monkey.


Time to perform, time to work, not a year to be idle. The Ox must pull the plow this year. The Ox isn’t fond of the Monkey and the Monkey is far more clever than the Ox, so the Ox must be straight in its dealings and learn to accept changes and responsibilities of  the past, especially regarding the family.

The Ox is most compatible with the energies and influences of the Snake and Rooster.


This is a time for the Tiger to reveal how deep its insight is. Tigers will shine this year even though there are some great obstacles and challenges to endure. The Tiger is amused by the Monkey’s energy as long as it behaves and lives up to its responsibilities and doesn’t reek havoc. The Tiger rules the forest and the Monkey manages it.

The Tiger is most compatible with the energies and influences of the Dog and Horse.


Rabbit’s have good relationships with people, making good friends and lovers. Great clarity comes to them from embracing others. The Rabbit thinks the Monkey energy is excessive and is put off by its constant expression of affection. The Rabbit sleeps underground and the Monkey in the trees, and this arrangement pleases the Rabbit. The Rabbit is likewise more secretive of its desires and life, and the Monkey is more expressive and bold concerning them.

The Rabbit is most compatible with the energies and influences of the Goat and Pig.


Dragons will build good reputations if they keep to their principles and exercise humility. The Dragon finds the Monkey energy very useful because the Monkey attracts attention, and this is helpful to the Dragon’s endeavors during this year. Dragons are invisible but are constantly seeking visibility, and Monkeys are visible but seek invisibility for safety. Both seek a vertical view (Dragons in the sky, Monkeys in the trees) and so they make good partners.

The Dragon is most compatible with the energies and influences of the Monkey and Rat.


Snakes are caring and yielding. This year, they should be humble and show compassion toward others, avoid arguments, especially with family and friends, and be sensitive to people’s needs and dreams. Snakes dislike the Monkey and Monkeys are curious about the Snake and so poke and prod them, but the Snake is powerful enough to ward-off the Monkey and so the Snake really doesn’t feel too much of the Monkey energy this year.

The Snake is most compatible with the energies and influences of the Rooster and Ox.


Achievement after hardship. Much is gained as a reward for all they go through. The Monkey energy has little effect on the Horse. Monkeys may chatter, but the Horse’s neighs can drown out a Monkey. Horses move steadily forward, but the Monkey zigs and zags, which seems pointless and counterproductive to the Horse. So much of what occurs in the Monkey year is calmly dismissed by the Horse.

The Horse is most compatible with the energies and influences of the Tiger and Dog.


Prepare for action. Work hard and attend to your health this year. Do not roam looking for greener grass, it is right before you. Beware of lengthy travel plans, as there is the bad omen of becoming stuck. Periods of money luck appear during this year. The Goat likes the Monkey, especially when they are affectionate, yet cannot share their pasture with them. The Monkey exists so differently from the Goat, so they are curious about each other, but have no conflicts.

The Goat is most compatible with the energies and influences of the Pig and Rabbit.


Competition and challenges. Great endeavors give Monkeys the opportunity to prove their worth. Great things come to them this year, but they must focus and be calm. Do not rush from one thing to the next, and complete tasks one by one. New and better relationship awaits them. The Monkey Year is a long-awaited time for them, as they feel safe and acquire abundance for themselves and family. The Monkey Year truly brings out the best of family energy, is a good time for starting a new business, and for love.

The Monkey is most compatible with the energies and influences of the Rat and Dragon.


Worries lay behind the Rooster’s mask of happiness. They should reform and amend the errors they have made in the past, yield, and let go of their stubborn nature. New opportunities arise, but they must be open to them. Roosters are a farm animal, and Monkeys live out in nature, so they have little common ground between them. Roosters are a ruling animal, and Monkeys dislike constraints. Therefore, it’s best this year for Roosters to keep to their environment and not attempt to influence the Monkey’s.

The Rooster is most compatible with the energies and influences of the Ox and Snake.


Healing others, being nourishing, and drawing out their compassionate nature in dealing with others. Dogs should seek refuge and advice from those who truly love them. Some health problems can occur during the year, so the Dog should be mindful of employing restoration. Dogs are initially very curious and attracted to the Monkey, but this grows tiresome when Monkeys show their lack of sharing energy. The Dog in the Monkey year is weary of how the world seems so selfish and chaotic. The Dog is always seeking a contented life, and Monkey energy feels anything but that.

The Dog is most compatible with the energies and influences of the Tiger and Horse.


Rain storms are coming, but after the storm comes clarity and newness. It is a great year for the Pig. Even though some difficulties may transpire in relationships and family, this is all due to changes the Pig will make this year, as well as misjudgments made in the past. The Pig actually benefits from the Monkey energy, mostly because the Monkey is afraid of the Pig and politely keeps its distance. The Pig can make the life of the Monkey very unpleasant if angered, and so there is little effect upon the Pig during this Monkey year.

The Pig is most compatible with the energies and influences of the Rabbit and Goat.

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