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LuDongbin-GoldenFlower1The Secret of the Golden Flower

The full title of this work is The Supreme One’s Platform on the Secret of the Golden Flower (太 乙 金 華 宗 旨, Tai Yi Jin Hua Zong Zhi)

The Secret of the Golden Flower is one of Daoism’s primary meditation and internal alchemy texts. The text is attributed to Lu Dongbin, 吕 洞 賓 (吕 祖, Lu Zu, Ancestor Lu), one of the Eight Immortals who lived sometime during the Tang dynasty (618–907 C.E.). This text, however, was more likely composed by Wang Chongyang (王重陽,1113–1170 C.E.), the founder of the Complete Reality Sect (全 真 派, Quan Zhen Pai). Wang Chongyang claimed to have been taught by Lu Dongbin through dreams.

The Chinese text used for this translation comes from a work published in 1994 by the Foreign Literary Publishing Company in Beijing, China, by Wang Kuipu  (王 魁 溥). It is the only extant full rendering of The Secret of the Golden Flower Chinese text.

Periodically, chapters from this work will be presented here, providing the original Chinese text and an English translation. In the near future, Stuart Alve Olson will be releasing a full translation of the work with a detailed commentary. The chapters presented here are preliminary and only critical notes are given.

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